Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Story Is Birthed... From Within The Walls of a Prison.

I spent this past Friday within the walls of Mansfield Correctional Institution and Saturday at Grafton Correctional... yes both state prisons that are in Ohio fellowshipping with inmates while working with 'Champions For Life.' It was while I was walking with a C.O. (Corrections Officer) between the prison yard and the dining hall that an idea for a new novella came to me. During that short walk a rough idea blossomed into a full outline with a beginning, middle and an end which was flushed out over the rest of the weekend. Let's just say it involves spiritual and supernatural warfare, a ouija board, show and tell at an elementary school and a prison in a very remote location where within it walls the physical manifestation of evil is the catalyst for some forced alliances who must work together if any one of them that are left are to survive. I really am looking forward to writing this one. - C

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Booked for Chicago Comic Con - Aug 20 - 22

I am booked to appear in the Artist Alley at the Chicago Comic Con.
I will be there Aug 20-22. Check out the event and guest list by clicking HERE
Though an author, I am currently listed on the guest page under the Comic/Toy Creator section.
The posted bio of me for the event can be seen by clicking here.

- C

Inception: The Movie and Trifecta: Book One

It goes without saying that considering one third of the stories in my current book (The Dream Pastor) deals with dreams that I am quite interested and very much looking forward to Christopher Nolan's movie Inception which is set to release on 7/16/10. Even if I had never penned a dream themed story...because of the subject matter, the fact that it is Nolan and its an original story... all the aformentioned is compelling me to being one of the first in line to see this film.

And... I can not wait to pick up the Hans Zimmer soundtrack for this film.

- C

Hello World...

I remember more than twenty years ago taking my first foray into the world of computer programming (something of which I presently don't do). The goal of that first program was to have the following two words appear across the screen... "Hello World." How fitting to begin my very first blog in the same fashion. Greetings to you the traveler and welcome!

It has been a rather full month with the Kindle and paperback release of
"Trifecta: Book One", one can find out more about it Book One at